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The Good People

Antonio Vivaldi - I Solisti Veneti

Dad said if Bach makes you unhappy, you deserve to suffer.

déclaration de l'artiste

As a sign of independence I am trying to articulate what juxtaposition of the body of art is into an environment, the whole ethos of painting to me. I think what´s happening is still part of the whole exclusion process, as the result or a by-product of day-to-day real life distance from the actual image. Of the impossible and the possible as having a double life I guess what I am interested in is the quality and the aesthetics of what remains inside - commonly unspoken themes recently. There is certainly a kind of multiplication of the exactly the very conscious ideas with the events and the surroundings of the aspect of arbitrary reaction to a tradition-conscious medium.

To create an atmospheric experience that could be true to be exhibited, to question preconceived ideas, undiminished – a paradigm, where process is an object to deal with and a process – I wish I were innocent about it. Things to relate accommodate in so far as they always involve the present. The consequences, even the idea of the past is a temporary one, in conflict with one’s own work. I can be totally involved in my doings and I always try to kind of exaggerate the work to act like notions of ambiguity and disorientation that´s so liberating - including the moment of deception.


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